Below are a few frequently asked questions. Please take a look and see if your question is answered here. If not, fill out the form on the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

What kind of projects do you like most?

I specialize in designing and building websites for individuals and small businesses. I don't think startups should have to settle for using templates or other cheap solutions. I can provide custom designs at affordable prices.

Do you use a Content Management System for your websites

Yes. I can build your site using Wordpress or Customize System if that is something you are interested in. I also have a very simple, custom back-end tool that will help you easily update info on your website.

What is a one page website?

One page websites are good for people who want a presence online, but don't have an abundance of information. They are perfect for getting your message across quickly and efficiently without the risk of losing visitors across a series of pages.

I like the stuff on your site, wherever did you find it?

The font used in the navigation and headings is called Roboto Slab, Spinnaker & Kreon by Google Webfonts. The social media icons are by Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported).

How would I supply the content for my website?

It is helpful to us if you are able to provide text and photographs in electronic form – for example, the files output by a digital camera and the copy in MS word or similar format. If this is not possible, we can help get your information ready for use on the website. We will also provide you instructions on how to upload the material via FTP or email.

Do you do print work: brochures, posters, business cards, logos etc.?

Not usually. If you are in need of print work, there are a lot of great graphic designers out there who can provide you with exceptional designs. While it may seem like print work and web work are similar, they require different skill sets. If you are just looking for something simple: a text-based logo, or a business card to match your website, we can probably work something out.

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website utilizes a fluid grid to provide an optimal viewing experience on whatever device you are using. There is an incredibly wide range of screen dimensions these days and it is important to make your website easily usable across all of them. As an example, try resizing your browser window on this site, or view it on a mobile device.

Do you provide custom illustrations?

No. Looking over my portfolio, you've probably noticed that I tend to use a lot of illustrations in my designs. Most of them are stock illustrations. I enjoy the challenge of taking stock artwork (photo or illustration) and integrating it into a design in a way that feels organic and custom.

This also includes custom icons.

How long will it take for my web project to be completed?

The timescale of a website design project is often dictated by the client. If you have a deadline in mind we will make every effort to meet it for you. The most common delay in the creation and completion of a new website is waiting for content (text/images) to be sent to us by the client. For most projects, we try to work within the 4-6 week time-frame.

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